Despite recommendations from health experts, many states in the US have begun their first phase of reopening. 

The move goes against the University of Washington model which suggested that states shouldn’t reopen for business at least till the 1st of May. The pandemic has taken over 54,800 lives in the US with more than 965,000 infected.

States In Favor Of Easing Coronavirus Restrictions

This week, several states will get back on track but with guidelines in mind. Instead of a full-fledged reopening, states are easing into the process.

Minnesota, Montana, and Colorado are in favor of reducing coronavirus restrictions. Iowa is to reopen from Monday. Tennessee Governor, Bill Lee announced that restaurants can remain open but with 50% capacity. Hawaii Gov. David Ige has allowed beaches to remain open for local visitors but loitering is strictly prohibited. 

Texas, Michigan, and Alaska will allow few non-essential businesses to reopen, given that they follow strict guidelines.

Georgia Gov. Kemp drew criticism after he allowed businesses that require unavoidable closeness between customers and workers, like hair salons, gyms, bowling alleys, etc to reopen for business. 

 Some States Choose to Further Strengthen Coronavirus Restrictions

New York Gov. Cuomo announced that the state is going to continue coronavirus restrictions at least till the 15th of May. He added that businesses will gradually reopen after they witness a steady 14-day decline in COVID-19 positive cases.

With the nation fearing the number of testing is not yet where they need to be, states like New Jersey and New York, are reported to be several weeks away from reopening. 

Florida’s Governor announced that the coronavirus restrictions were likely to get extended after it expires on Thursday. 

A great deal of confusion continues to reign supreme as death tolls continue to rise and the economy continues to fall.