Several equity analysts have predicted that MED would be announcing an EPS of $2.36 for this quarter- which the investors have already been notified about. According to reports, two of the analysts covering the firm have given estimates into the earnings of the company. The lowest estimate has been $2.33, while the highest has gone all the way to $2.39. The EPS reported during the previous year was $1.19, which is indicative of a positive annual growth rate of 98.3%. The company will be issuing its next quarterly earnings data on the 24th of February.

The Quarterly Earnings of MED

The stocks of MED uploaded their previous results of quarterly earnings on the 2nd of November. The EPS reported was $2.91, which was more than the analyst estimate of about $2.49 for the firm. The return on equity for the company is 80.07%, with the net margin in the range of 11.27%. The revenue of the firm in this period was $271.40 million, which was considerably more than the consensus estimate of $242.50 million. 

There have been quite a few research equities that have commented on the stocks of MED. Jefferies Financial has already given the stocks of the company a rating of buy, with a price target of $210. ValuEngine has already decreased the shares of the company, from a rating of hold to a rating of sell in a 10th December research report. B. Riley has increased the price target on the firm, from $230 to 250, along with a rating of buy in a 3rd November research report. 

One analyst covering the firm has already given the stocks a rating of sell, while four of them have given the stocks a rating of buy. Currently, the price target on MED is $209.75, with the rating fixed at buy.