Despite having a “solid plan”, Hilco Redevelopment Partners are facing violation charges and possibly a hefty fine. Mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot was forced to cancel redevelopment plans after Hilco demolished the Crawford Power Plant.

Due to the imperfect work, the implosion resulted in an entire village being covered in smoke and debris while the Mayor, furious at how things turned, decided that this implosion violated the Illinois pollution laws.

Calling out to Hilco, Lightfoot said that their demolition work was utterly unacceptable. He stated, “It’s unsafe and unsanitary. I wouldn’t tolerate this in my neighborhood, and we’re not going to tolerate it here either. I know the significant health disparities that Little Village faces, so to see a dust cloud from a demolition roll across homes and businesses is simply outrageous.”

The Chicago Department of Public Health immediately dispatched with masks and other amenities to help the people of Little Village. They are testing the air quality of the neighborhood. Acknowledging the growing threat of COVID-19 pandemic, Lightfoot is understandably concerned.

Along with stalling all currently planned demolitions, the Mayor intends to place more strict guidelines about demolition in the future.