Matt James
Matt James

Matt James from the Bachelor recently caught a lot of heat for grabbing one of his teammates’ chests at the 2022 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game. The incident occurred during the game where the 30-year-old former Bachelor dribbled the ball and pushed his teammate away Brittney Elena. Several videos on Twitter show that when the actress from the Real Husbands of Hollywood approached James, he reached across to push her behind him, where he accidentally put his hands on her chest. 

Matt James Had An Eventful All-Star Celebrity Game

Naturally, the actions of Matt James didn’t sit well, and the native from North Carolina went viral on social media platforms as several diehard sports fans spoke about what went down. One of the users on Twitter commented that they had never seen professional athletes do what he just did, while another user commented that the look on Elena’s face was definitely worthy of being screengrabbed. Elena, for her part, did go on Twitter later to state that it was an accident on James’ part, and he had apologized for it already. 

While Matt James hasn’t yet commented on what happened at the All-Star Celebrity Game, his friend Tyler Cameron didn’t mince words. He quipped that this just wasn’t his day- as he air-balled two free throws and put in a boob punch for good measure. He also made fun of James’ less than stellar sports career- as he brought back his golf swing at the waste management open.

When Matt James participated in the Waste Management Phoenix Open on the 10th of February, he almost took a photographer out due to an intense backswing. After he missed out on swinging properly, his shank hit an innocent bystander on the sidelines. Again, James had to apologize.