Mass Inmate Revolt At Georgia Prison; Reports Allege Chaos, COVID-19 Concerns, Inhumane Treatment

Ware State Prison in Waycross, Georgia has actually gone on lockdown after a late Saturday night or extremely early Sunday early morning disruption that has actually left a minimum of 5 individuals hurt.

The south Georgia jail has actually been trending on Twitter for much of the night and following today after countless posts exposed unpredictability about the event itself, along with issue over supposedly inhumane conditions within the jail in the middle of the continuous spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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According to CNN, Georgia Department of Corrections spokesperson Joan Heath stated that 2 prisoners and 3 team member suffered “minor non life-threatening injuries,” which the reason for the disruption itself was still being examined. The GDC did note that the disruption was “caused by inmates,” though they were tight-lipped about information beyond that.

The initial event begun at around 10: 45 pm ET on Saturday night, and though media reports are unclear on the timeline of occasions from there, Heath declares the jail itself was totally locked down around 1: 00 am ET. Whatever run-in occurred was major enough that officers with the Waycross Police Department and the regional county Sheriff’s Office were generated to help …

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