Marilyn Manson

Goth singer Marilyn Manson is taking legal action against a former girlfriend and actor Evan Rachel Wood for alleging that he abused and raped her during their relationship. Wood is to act in an HBO documentary in two weeks.

Marilyn Manson, alias Brian Warner, accused Wood and one other woman of secretly recruiting, coordinating., and pressurizing prospective accusers in his lawsuit filed on Wednesday in LA County Superior Court. Ashley Gore was also named in the lawsuit. She worked with Rachel Wood in her push for legislation for victims of abuse.

Neither Wood nor her representatives responded to requests for comments.

In his suit, Marilyn Manson has asked for a trial by jury. He accused Gore and Rachel Wood of inflicting emotional distress intentionally. In his accusation, he alleged that Gore defamed and impersonated him online, which violated the Comprehensive Computer Data and Access Fraud Act.

In earlier testimony in 2018, Rachel Wood had alleged before a hearing of the House Judiciary Subcommittee looking into cases of sexual abuse, that she was raped twice, first by a partner and they in a bar storage closet by a man. She had not named her alleged assailant then.

Wood had accused Marilyn Manson of horrifically abusing her for years and grooming her when she was in her teens.

Marilyn Manson Has Alleged That His Encounters Were Always Consensual

Marilyn Manson had replied to Rachel Wood’s allegations and said that his life and art had always drawn controversy. He said that the allegations leveled against him by Wood were a terrible distortion of reality.

He said that all his relationships had always been consensual and had involved concurring partners. Manson said that some people were trying to distort facts.

Marilyn Manson alleged that Gore and Rachel Wood had conspired for long and coordinated the allegations against him as a part of HBO’s Phoenix Rising.

Marilyn Manson has also faced charges of rape and violent sexual acts. Esme Bianco, Game of Thrones actor, had sued Marilyn Manson alleging that he had committed multiple acts of violence and sexual abuse between 2009 and 2013.

He was also accused by model Ashley Morgan Smithline of sexual battery, assault, and human trafficking.