Maria Bartiromo
Maria Bartiromo

The once-respected news reporter, Maria Bartiromo, has gone astray.

It so seems that Maria Bartiromo has sold the soul of her journalism that she was once widely respected for. In her recent interview with Donald Trump, it appeared that she has become an utter sycophant to him as she was blindly supporting his illogical claims of fraudulent voting.

The interview showed the sharp, dramatic, and honestly, embarrassing fall of Maria Bartiromo.

Bartiromo was chosen by Trump for his very first interview following the US presidential election and the reason seemed quite evident. The interview proved to be an opportunity to repeat the election manipulation claims by Trump while Maria Bartiromo validated those baseless claims.

Views On Maria Bartiromo

Brian Stelter of CNN said that the interview was a tee-ball.

Oliver Darcy, another reporter of CNN, further added that Bartiromo’s interview was utterly irresponsible, harmful, and reckless to say the least.

Jeremy Barr of the Washington Post called Maria Bartiromo the biggest supporter of Trump and said her questions were pointless and ineffective.

Hayley Miller of HuffPost stated that Bartiromo is a pet to Trump which was evident as she quietly sat and allowed Trump to spread irrational conspiracy theories in front of millions of viewers. Also, instead of defying those claims, she further endorsed them, which was shameful.

Amanda Carpenter, a contributor of CNN, tried to defend Bartiromo and Fox News tweeting that it wasn’t an interview, rather a platform for Trump to freely express his views on the election.

Carpenter also added that Fox News intended to disclose the manipulation of elections and lay out the truth for Americans.