Marcia Fudge
Marcia Fudge

President-elect Biden will probably nominate Marcia Fudge, Ohio Rep. as secretary to Urban and Housing Development. This decision will add one more African American female to his Cabinet. Initially, Fudge was considered as the Agricultural secretary before Biden’s team focused on HUD. Biden is not picking many Democrats of Congress because of their thin margin in the Senate and House. But Fudge is an exception because of her safe seat.

Fudge said that it is her wildest dream come true, a privilege and honor to be inside the President’s Cabinet. Fudge is considered a highly skilled and flexible utility player. The question was about which post would be the best given her skills. Under the law of Ohio State whenever a vacancy is created in the House it is the Governor’s call for holding a special election in order of filling the seat.

Details About Marcia Fudge 

Marcia has represented Congressional District no 11 of Ohio since 2008. She has served on various committees such as the Agriculture, Education, Labor, and House Administration committees. She has also chaired the Black Caucus. Currently, Marcia Fudge chairs the Subcommittee of House Administration on Elections and Subcommittee of Agriculture Committee on Oversight, Department, and Nutrition Operations.

Marcia Fudge has already made history being the 1st African-American and 1st woman to get elected as Warrensville Heights’s Mayor. She served in that position between 2000-2008. She started her career in the Prosecutor’s Office of Cuyahoga County.

Joe Biden has promised to nominate his cabinet so that it would be a reflection of America’s diversity. The leaders of the NAACP have been calling on Biden to be the czar of civil rights. Derrick Johnson, President, NAACP, has requested some time with Harris and Biden for ensuring civil rights and minority representation in their incoming administration. Kamala Harris had also made history being the first Black woman of South Asian lineage to be the Vice President.