Baseball is losing its place as one of North America’s premier sports, and the rich are to be blamed. The decline of this sport isn’t a recent phenomenon- it’s been on the radar for quite some time now. But as attendance average hit record lows last year, the MLB has to make some tough calls- whom to blame for this debacle? Not only has NFL replaced Baseball as the numero uno sport of America, Basketball, too, is ripping MLB a new one. In layman’s terms, your average American on the streets of Dallas won’t be able to name the current roster of the Texas Rangers.

In quite a bizarre twist to this narrative, MLB still continues to enjoy massive deals and broadcaster rights. The revenue generated is stupendous considering the hole that the MLB authorities have dug for themselves. With the local leagues turning up and earning quite some bucks, it is estimated that MLB enjoyed a record $10 billion turnover last year. So where does the problem lie?

The pandemic that has threatened human survival in the USA should have been capitulated by the MLB to ensure that Baseball returns at the pinnacle of American sports with its ability to reconnect with the distraught public. The baseball community would also bolster the spirits of the people, but all that thought was for nothing. The billionaires in charge of the game have been in a constant tussle with the players and teams about how much revenue to be doled out to the teams. And not only has this put a blight on MLB, it has also put a giant question mark on whether the season will take off at all this year.

The problem here isn’t the absence of Baseball- rather the realization that the American public would be comfortable enough living without it.