A huge explosion occurred at a paper mill in Maine, which caused a huge, heavy, dark fume into the sky, was recorded on video Wednesday afternoon.

No harms were announced but many of the buildings were ruined, as indicated to reports.

“I’m just so happy that everyone’s OK. Thank our lucky stars and the man upstairs,” Kristen Goodhart, whose son works at the mill, stated.

Image: Androscoggin Mill explosion

The explosion was counted a serious strike to the state’s paper manufacture, which is already distressed by the influence of the coronavirus lockdown, as well as integration that saw five other factories close between 2014 and 2016.

Wednesday’s disaster also got the attention of author Mainer Stephen King, who tweeted a message in response.

“A paper mill blew up in Jay, Maine today, not too far down the road from us,” King wrote. “A TOILET paper mill. So keep a stack of magazines and advertising circulars handy.”

Androscoggin Mill hires 500 employees and is the number two largest employer in Franklin County. Pixelle Specialty Solutions of Pennsylvania, the owner, did not know until early Thursday if the mill can be resumed partially and continue to produce.

The mill industry’s specialization is paper products but it was not clear if it’s toilet paper.

“We don’t know yet what the future may bring for the Androscoggin Mill,” Gov. Janet Mills, a Democrat who lives in Farmington, said at a news conference. “That will come more fully into view in the coming days.”

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