Madison Cawthorn
Madison Cawthorn

Recently Representative Madison Cawthorn has been barged with questions regarding his Paralympics training.

Madison Cawthorn is a freshman Congressman. He belongs to North Carolina. He had earlier posted a video on his social media that presented his training for the Paralympic games. Now, many people are claiming it to be fabricated.

Absurd Social Media Claims By Madison Cawthorn

Representative Madison Cawthorn had posted a 2-minute video on YouTube in the year 2019. The video showed the immense hard work and dedication from the part of Cawthorn in order to take part in the 2020 Paralympics.

On the other hand, many people who are involved in the Paralympics of the United States of America have given a much different picture as compared to real life. ‘The Nation’ had interviewed many of the people involved in the Paralympics. They have informed that Cawthorn seems to have exaggerated several facts in the video and much of it was fabricated.

According to a story that was published on 22nd January, Friday, ‘The Nation’ stated that people have no memory of the attempts made by Cawthorn to make it to the 2020 Paralympics that has been postponed and will be held in Tokyo.

The college that Cawthorn had attended for a brief period of time has no records of him attempting any qualification events. In reality, his name was not even found in the Committee of the International Paralympic athlete database.

He had made several posts on his Instagram page in 2019 about his alleged pursuit for Paralympic fame. As a result, the social media claims made by Cawthorn seems completely absurd.