Madison Cawthorn

As reported by Luke Ball, Rep. Madison Cawthorn had incidentally conceded his race in North Carolina’s GOP Primary to Chuck Edwards, that too through a phone call. Edwards later went on to confirm the call in his remarks to his supporters. The Senator from the state stated that he had received a call from Congressman Cawthorn just a while back, and as he had expected, Cawthorn went on to present himself in quite a humble and classy way. He also offered his support to Edwards’ campaign in any which way where he was useful. 

Madison Cawthorn Conceded Election to Chuck Edwards

Chuck Edwards had been one of the seven candidates that were looking towards ousting Madison Cawthorn- who was backed by Trump. He was also backed by North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis, along with State Senate Leader Phil Berge. Quite a few Republicans in the state also lent their support to him. On the other hand, Donald Trump doubled down on his backing for Cawthorn just this week, when he asked his voters to give a second chance to this firebrand. 

Madison Cawthorn, just like every Republican backed by Trump, found himself in a mesh of controversy this month. First, he had claimed that he had been invited to an orgy in Washington. He had also seen leaders who were trying to curb drug addiction doing cocaine themselves. Surrounding the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, he claimed that President Zelensky was nothing but a thug, and the Ukrainian government was pure evil.

Madison Cawthorn was also cited the previous month for bringing a loaded handgun through a Transportation Security Administration checkpoint at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. This was the second time in just over a year that the airport authorities had stopped him with a handgun.