Mackenzie Scott
Mackenzie Scott

Mackenzie Scott made an announcement about her contribution to the charity this Tuesday. This is the second such charitable contribution of her. Scott has formulated a plan of donating a major chunk of her fortune and that is what she does. Accordingly, she donated 4.2 billion USD to about 384 organizations.

There are just 4 months of gap between the two great charitable deeds made by Mackenzie Scott. Earlier, about 1.7 billion USD was given away by her. The receivers included 4 historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs), and 116 organizations total. This took place in the month of July.

Details On Receivers Of Mackenzie Scott’s Donation

In the span of four months, the Mackenzie Scott donated a total amount of over 4.16 billion USD to organizations across the nation. In a Medium post, Scott expressed concern for Americans who suffered due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Among the worst hit, she specifically mentioned those from a poor background, people of color, and women. The author pointed out that while they were the worst sufferers, the billionaires, on the other hand, were growing richer.

Scott’s philanthropic actions included both education and financial service. The receivers of those included the communities that are under-sourced and people from the historically marginalized communities. Even the legal groups of the advocates of civil rights fighting the institutional discrimination received the funds.

It is told that Mackenzie Scott was very aware of the receivers of her generous giving. The philanthropist had a team that studied over 6,490 organizations to make sure only the well-deserving ones received the donations. This took place after the author decided to speed up the pace of her donations this year.

Morgan State University received 40 million dollars from her. No one has ever donated this much amount to the university. The amount alone is more two times more than that of the school’s endowment.