Machine Gun Kelly
Machine Gun Kelly

Valentine’s day might be all about love but Machine Gun Kelly takes it to a whole new level with his recent revelation in an Instagram post.

There might be a lot of ways to show your Valentine that you love them but this couple went for the most unusual way to express their love for each other. On the14th of February, the singer and rapper captioned an Instagram post saying, “I wear your blood around my neck.”

The post contained a series of photos of the duo sharing loving moments together. In one of those photos Machine Gun Kelly is seen holding up a small, round piece of glass with a drop of blood on it that has been turned into a pendant he wears around his neck. Calling his girlfriend, Megan Fox, his “Bloody Valentine”, Machine Gun Kelly posted other memories that the duo has shared together. One of the other snapshots is a black and white mirror selfie of the couple and the rest of the pictures show playful flirting between the two.

Machine Gun Kelly’s Bloody Valentine Shares Instagram Post Too

Now, as far as the bloody glass necklace goes, this is not the first time that we are hearing about such an incident. Way back in Hollywood, when Billy Bob was dating Angelina Jolie, the former used to wear a small vial around his neck that contained Jolie’s blood.

If this was Machine Gun Kelly’s Valentine’s Day post, his girlfriend Megan Fox also resorted to Instagram to dedicate her love. Even though she did not post a piece of glass containing Kelly’s blood, Fox too, shared a series of photos for her ‘Bloody Valentine’. Not only that, she finished her post with a poem dedicated to her 30-years-old boyfriend. Calling her boyfriend an “unusually handsome boy” she went on to describe what kind of love the duo share in her Valentine’s Day post.