Lovie Smith
Lovie Smith

Lovie Smith, the head football coach of Illinois, is out. According to the announcement of the school, the head coach is leaving after five seasons of coaching.

The team members were called to attend a meeting on Sunday at noon. It was here that the players were informed of the news. Illinois is set to play at the Big Ten championship this weekend. It will be the eighth game.

Details On The Time Spent By Lovie Smith In Illinois

In his total of five seasons at Illinois, Lovie Smith went 17-39. This was his first stop since the year 1995 in college football. It was when he used to coach at Ohio State for defensive backs.  In the Big Ten, he scored 10-30.

Smith did have a long career at the NFL. During those days he worked as the head coach at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Chicago Bears. He was the one to monitor the latter team in the 2006 Super Bowl. The score made there was 81-63.

Josh Whitman, the athletic director of Illinois, was the person behind the hiring of Smith. He did so after a few weeks of his own hiring that was in 2016 winter.

Illinois under Lovie Smith made an appearance in the 2019 bowl. They were expected to do well this fall considering the fact that they had many returning-key-players in the team.

There are a number of candidates carrying the potential to replace Lovie Smith. They are Jeff Monken from the Army, Lance Leipold from Buffalo, Jay Norvel from Nevada, Willie Fritz from Tulane, Sean Lewis from the Kent State, and Jason Candle from Toledo. There are also a few deserving coordinators like Jim Leonhard, the Defensive Coordinator from Wisconsin, and the defensive coordinator Clark Lea from Notre Dame.

Whitman expressed his respect for Lovie Smith as the head coach saying that he looked after Illinois with great integrity.