Lou Holtz
Lou Holtz

The highest civilian award, the Presidential Medal Of Freedom, was presented by President Donald Trump, this Thursday. It was given to Lou Holtz, a college football coach.

The award ceremony had John Radcliffe, the Director of National Intelligence, and Sen. Lindsay Graham, as witnesses. It was held at the White House Oval Office.

Achievements And Contributions Of Lou Holtz

Lou Holtz has worked for 33 years as a football coach. He worked at Notre Dame, South Carolina, and Arkansas during these years. From 1986 to 1996, he coached the Fighting Irish. From there, he came out with a record of 110-30-2. Notre Dame won the Fiesta Bowl in 1988, along with their last championship. In the P Top 25, it was the Fighting Irish that claimed the first position.

Lou Holtz worked in the Army Officer’s Training Corps of the Kent State University. Before entering the football world, the 84-year-old Holtz worked in the US Army Reserve as a field officer.

When asked about how he felt after having received the Medal Of Freedom, in the show, “Fox and Friends”, Lou Holtz said that he had a mix of emotions while receiving it. He also told Brian Kilmeade, the host of the show that apart from him being humbled, he does not deny the fact that there exist people who are way more deserving of the award than himself. He went on expressing his excitement and gratitude towards President Trump, in the interview. Lou Holtz then concluded by expressing his sorrow over Donald Trump having to step down as the President and praised him for the work he during his term as the President.

Lou Holtz has always been an unapologetic supporter of President Trump and considers him to be a great leader.