Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Los Angeles has turned out to be the first major U.S city to conduct free Coronavirus tests.

As per Mayor Eric Garcetti, the city has the capacity to test all its residents. He urged people to get tested and said, “don’t wander and don’t risk infecting others.”

The WHO, along with many other medical institutions have consistently emphasized that for public health, only social isolation would not help. There has to be repeated testing done along with following some precautionary measures. 

The availability of test kits and the lack of proper testing has been the topmost issue in the U.S and most parts of the world. On top of that, testing is usually charged, sometimes at exorbitant prices, making it difficult for people from the poorer sections of the society to get tested. 

Mayor of LA Ramps Up Coronavirus Tests

The testing has been made available since Wednesday night and reports say there are no limits. You can just go to the drive-thru coronavirus testing site and get yourself tested for free. The results come within 24-48 hours.

While Garcetti said that testing is open to residents of the city only, the website mentioned that any person from L.A County can take the test. Authorities say, this will help in tracing the asymptomatic cases of coronavirus as well.

Mayor Garcetti claimed that around 140,000 individuals have been tested through the drive-thru sites so far. 

Reports are also in that the city has opened up more coronavirus testing locations to make kits readily available in all the regions of the State. 34 coronavirus testing sites have been set up across Los Angeles.

California is currently in phase I of its reopening plans. 

Authorities say L.A is ramping up the testing so as to safely reopen the state as soon as possible. 

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