LA MESA, Calif. — Looters targeted stores in La Mesa mall Saturday night following protests in the city.

The video indicated many people, a significant number of them wearing masks, running all through stores in a strip mall on University Avenue. Thieves were seen leaving Vons with things from fans to liquor bottles as a caution sounded.

Spray painting secured close by dividers. Others crushed the windows of Play It Again Sports, where bandits ran out with free weights and polished ash. At Sally Beauty, a sales register was more than once crushed as individuals left with hands loaded with items.

Further east, SkyFOX video caught raiders leaving a Walmart at Grossmont Center. In San Diego, police amassed the Mission Valley zone, blocking passageways to shopping centers and malls from potential plunderers.

At about 2:30 p.m., a group at first assumed control over the La Mesa Police Department parking area to fight an official who confined a man at the Grossmont Transit Center Wednesday. The man was captured on doubt of attacking an official and the experience was recorded and showed up via web-based networking media.

The nonconformists recited “Black lives matter” and conveyed signs, for example, “no justice, no peace,” as they walked down University Avenue.

An expected 1,000 protesters shut Interstate 8 in the two bearings Saturday to show against a cop who confined a dark man not long ago.

Firstly, the gathering was halted when they attempted to jump on I-8 at the Baltimore Drive entrance by California Highway Patrol officials. In any case, before long, the dissenters got through the CHP line and kept walking eastward on the interstate.

The CHP at that point ended traffic on I-8 eastward and when protesters started walking on the westward side, traffic was then stopped on that side of the interstate.

About 4:30 p.m., CHP officials wearing face shields remained in a line over the interstate and got down to business with dissidents, some wearing face shields. A dissenter with a bullhorn seemed, by all accounts, to be requesting that the group move in the opposite direction from the officials, which they did.

The nonconformists at that point left one side of the turnpike and moved over the inside divider to jump on the opposite side. The following terminations are set up because of police movement:  EB I-8 at Lake Murray; WB I-8 at Jackson; and the NB/SB SR-125 connectors to WB I-8.

Saturday’s protest follows a Memorial Day incident in Minneapolis when a cop, Derek Chauvin, was recorded sticking George Floyd to the ground with his knee on his neck, which in the end prompted Floyd’s death. Chauvin was captured and accused of third-degree murder and homicide on Friday.

Shock over Floyd’s death worked the nation over and numerous fights have transformed into revolting. La Mesa authorities said they are propelling an outside examination concerning the Wednesday incident.