Local bar adapting, hoping for good weather after order closes indoor service | News

Running a restaurant or perhaps a bar had been hard enough.

“This is a tough business,” Kim Coonan said. “You’re buying yourself a job, you’re not making a lot of money.”

Because of the pandemic, restaurant and bar owners like Kim Coonan have already been through the ringer. His Irish pub in Bay City was shut down for months. Finally, they’re right back open.

“We’re just getting right back on our feet,“ Coonan said.

Wednesday Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced bars can no longer have indoor seating, only outdoor is allowed in an effort to reduce steadily the spread of COVID-19.

“It’s planning to be tough but if we need to protect the elderly and people whose health is impacted, I’m all for it,” Coonan said.

He is trying to determine if and how the pub will be affected.

“It’s hard in a business like this, especially if it’s outside only, you’re relying completely on the weather,” Erin Wishman from Coonan’s said.

The order applies to bars based on their liquor and food sales and thankfully Coonan’s already set up outdoor seating.

They’re prepared to turn their driveway into more seating for their deck if they need certainly to.

“We’re going to put more people out there and bring a big grill in and have a barbecue every day,” Coonan said. “We’re going to do whatever we have to, to survive.”

Other bars may well not have the outdoor space.

“I feel for them, I really do,” he said.

We have to hope the herpes virus spread slows and that it doesn’t rain.

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