Borussia Dortmund is infamous for their prize player auction. They know the right time to make it count. So when they put forth their star player Jadon Sancho in the bidding prize it is no surprise to see the numbers flying.

After his £8 million switch from Manchester City, this 20-year-old is riding a high horse as a fearsome forward. Naturally, the heavy bidders of the Premier League have come forward including Chelsea, Liverpool, Man Utd, and Red Boss Klopp.

Ferocious team makers the Klopps are not willing to lose the opportunity of having Sancho. Though their £100 million bid is scaring other bidders off.

Liverpool stated clearly that such a high bid did not make sense to them and they did not wish to get into a bidding war with the Klopps. However, the Klopps have also been encouraged to go for other players such as £87.5 million worth winger La Liga.

If Liverpool and Klopp’s go out of the picture then would Man Utd take its chances? Or would the Red Devils who have gone all young and all British make a move?