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US dollar Debt Relief

Despite an expected result from the US presidential election 2020, Lindsey Graham has been aggressively trying to enforce the fact that Donald Trump has not lost the election, after all.

Lindsey Graham, the Republican, has requested an inquiry over the procedure of mail-in ballot counting in the states of Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada.

Brad Raffensperger, Republican State Secretary of Georgia, stated that Graham called to request the removal of the mail-in ballots during the process of hand re-counting in his state. He added that Lindsey Graham suggested an error in the signatures which is why they must not be considered.

Although Graham denied Raffensperger’s allegations, another Georgian staff affirmed Raffensperger’s statements to be true.

Lindsey Graham further stated that he had made contacts with the election officers of two additional states while the counting was under process and there was a close margin between Trump and Joe Biden, the President-elect. However, when he made claims to terminate the counting of ballots, he had absolutely no evidence of any dishonest maneuvering involved in the process.

Barbara Cegavske, Secretary of the State of Nevada, immediately rejected Lindsey’s claims saying she did not speak to him during the counting in her state, at all. Following her statement, Lindsey Graham said he is unsure about the person he had contacted in Nevada. He said he did speak to Doug Ducey of Arizona.

These calls to election officials by the chairman of the Judiciary Committee of the Senate can be seen as intimidation and illegal.

Though he is Trump’s most loyal ally, the question is why is Lindsey Graham taking on a self-job of defending Trump? Also, why did he make those calls on behalf of Trump?