Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne, the famous rapper, will be in federal prison for ten years. According to the prosecutor, the rapper pleaded guilty for the illegal ownership of a gun. This happened on Friday.

Lil Wayne Guilty Of Breaking The Federal Law

As a prior felony offender, Dwane Carter, popularly known as Lil Wayne, was legally accused of owning ammunition and a firearm. According to the prosecutors, Wayne’s gun was found on a private flight. It was a 45-caliber handgun, which was gold plated. The handgun was put inside a bag.

The shocking news was released by the officials from the office of US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida. The news also said that Lil Wayne made his entry into the plea in the federal court of Miami.

The 38-year-old rapper was arrested after landing on the Opa Locka Executive Airport all the way from California. This took place in the month of December 2019. According to reports, it was the rapper who told the officers about the gun that was inside his bag.

During the time when the announcement of the charges was made, his lawyers tried to make an important point. They stated that Wayne was not the user of his firearm.

Howard Srenbick, the attorney spoke on the case. He said that because the rapper had previously been convicted of a felony, he did not have the right to possess a firearm.

The sentence will be given on 28th January 2021.

Previously, in 2007, Lil Wayne had been arrested for having a 40-caliber pistol that was inside his tour bus. This took place on the premises of Beacon Theatre of New York City. According to the federal law of the US, no convicted felons are allowed to possess guns.