On 17th November, Tuesday, Lil Wayne, the popular rapper, was found in possession of a gold gun in the state of Florida. Immediately, he was charged as a convicted felon for having possession of a firearm. Considering it is a federal offense, Lil Wayne might face a sentence of about ten years of imprisonment under the United States Federal Law.

According to the official documents of the federal court in Miami, Lil Wayne, his actual name being Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., was found with a gold-plated gun along with ammunition on 23rd December 2019 although he has prior records of committing a felony.

Lil Wayne landed in Miami in a private airplane. Airport authorities stated that he admitted owning a handgun after he was searched at Miami airport. He also said that the gun was gifted to him for Father’s Day.

Howard Srebnick, attorney to Lil Wayne, stated via email that the possession of a handgun without any intention of using it can be considered a felony or not.

He further added that the rapper has never fired it, intended to use it, or ever pointed it at anybody. He has never been accused of being violent. As a result, is the mere ownership of the gun enough to be called a felony?

Reports suggest that Lil Wayne was also found in possession of illegal drugs. However, no charges of drug offense have been pressed upon him.

11th December is the first court hearing.

Over ten years ago, he was convicted for weapons in NY and sentenced to imprisonment for eight months. Following that, he was not supposed to carry firearms since he was earlier convicted for the same.