Lil’ Nas X has released his Christmas music video featuring a futuristic Santa Claus and it is the first-holiday music after almost a year of inactivity. 

The singer is famed for his classic Old Town Road. With the Christmas special, it looks like Lil’ Nas X is shifting to the futuristic North Pole from the South. He has two Grammy awards to his name. 

His latest music video is called Holiday and it was released on the 13th, this Friday. We can see the singer has played different holiday characters. The most memorable character to be featured in his futuristic Santa Claus. 

Within ten hours of the video’s release, it garnered over 700,000 YouTube views. Traditionally, Christmas music has been dominated by Mariah Carey, Bing Crosby, and the likes. But it looks like Lil’ Nas X is here to claim the throne. However, the song has quite a bit of pg 13 references, which might affect its popularity in family gatherings. Even so, the innovative and inclusive nature of this music video is sure to gather support from African American and gay listeners. 

During the Halloween party, Lil’ Nas X made news by putting on a Nicki Minaj getup. In June 2019, the singer-rapper came out to his Twitter followers as gay. Later, he tweeted an image with the rainbow sign on it. 

With the current numbers, it looks like Lil’ Nas X’s Holiday will be another hit like Old Town Road.