Lightning bolt strikes the Hudson River – framing the One World Trade Center – as storm lights up the sky above NYC – Armenian News

This is the dramatic moment a lightning bolt hit the Hudson River during a thunderstorm above New York City on Monday night.

The forks of electricity blasted the water facing the lower Manhattan skyline as stormy weather raged across both side of the river. 

The extraordinary photograph was obtained from Jersey City as lightning struck above the 1791ft-high One World Trade Center in New York City, reports the Daily Mail.

Yesterday, individuals who lived in New Jersey compared Monday’s storm to a tornado, as it brought hail and flash flooding.

In Morristown, golf ball-sized hail fell for 30 minutes and smashed cars.

The rain caused flash flooding on I-287, with tractor-trailers creating waves as they crawled along the highway.  

The forks of electricity blasted the water in front of the lower Manhattan skyline during a storm above New York City on Monday, July 6

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