The small Alpine state of Liechtenstein has actually introduced a legal action to return a swath of Czech territory confiscated from its ancient judgment household at the end of world war 2, reigniting a disagreement that has actually rankled for more than 70 years.

Liechtenstein lodged a protest with the European Court of Human Rights today declaring “disregard” of the sovereignty by the Czech Republic over the return of almost half a million acres of land, and a few of Europe’s grandest castles and palaces. They were confiscated in 1945.

“For us, the unlawful application of the Czechoslovak decrees and the consequences have been an unresolved issue,” Katrin Eggenberger, Liechtenstein foreign minister, informed theFinancial Times “Expropriation without compensation is unacceptable.”

The claim relates to the traditionally delicate– mainly forgotten– ethno-national faultline in between Germans and Czechs in the previous lands of the Austro-Hungarian Empire The main problem is the decree by which the postwar Czechoslovak federal government designated the House of Liechtenstein and 38 other Liechtensteiner households as “German”, therefore surrender of their residential or commercial property and possessions since of Nazi war regret.

At stake is land more than 10 times the location of the present principality of Liechtenstein, as …

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