Libya will sue UAE in international courts – Middle East Monitor

The Permanent Representative of Libya to the United Nations (UN), Taher Al-Sunni, claimed his nation will sue the UAE in the international courts for offering army assistance to renegade General Khalifa Haftar, in spite of the arms stoppage troubled Libya, Anadolu reported.

Al-Sunni claimed, throughout a meeting with Al Jazeera on Tuesday, that the worldwide- identified Government of National Accord (GNA) had actually acquired proof confirming the UAE had actually gone against the arms stoppage troubled his nation given that 2011, by offering “Haftar’s militia” with arms.

“We are preparing a complete file to present to international courts to sue the UAE as well as everyone involved with the war criminal, Haftar,” Al- Sunni claimed.

“We do not understand what the UAE has benefited from its involvement in the Libyan issue in this way. A country with which we have no borders. It’s unfortunate,” he included.

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Earlier on Tuesday, Al-Sunni informed the UN Security Council that Libya has engaging proof of the UAE’s violation of the arms stoppage which it has actually provided Haftar’s militia with tools as well as tools.

The UAE has actually repetitively refuted sending out arms to Libya.

Last week, a private record prepared by a UN Panel of Experts asserted that the UAE has actually sent out Western hirelings to assistance Haftar’s pressures in their offensive versus the GNA.

According to the record, 2 Dubai- based business provided “Haftar’s forces with helicopters, drones, and cyber capabilities through a complex web of shell companies”.

The UAE did not discuss the record.

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