Wisconsin Supreme court will now see the tenth year of Jill Karofsky as Dane County Supreme court judge. The Monday results declared Karofsky’s win over Justice Dan Kelly.

The race which was initially nonpartisan has now become excessively politicized. Over $2.5 million were invested by both the Liberals and the Conservatives. The former for Karofsky and the latter for Kelly. It must be mentioned that the conservatives had previously endorsed Donald Trump during his campaign as well.

With Karofsky’s victory, the court majority of the conservatives has been brought down to 4-3. This, of course, opens a golden opportunity for the liberals for the 2023 elections.

Karofsky’s campaign was rather bloody, while Kelly retaliated with slandering charges. Wisconsin was the only state where the election wasn’t postponed. Amidst the increasing crisis when Tony Evers decided to postpone the election from April to June, his order was struck down by the Supreme Court. On the 7th of April, the election proceeded as planned. This, of course, puts the voters in a dilemma as they had to choose between braving the pandemic and not participating in the election.