Len Kasper
Len Kasper

Len Kasper and Brooks Boyer, the Vice President Of White Sox developed their friendship during Kaspers’s 16 years as the play-by-play voice of the Cub’s television. They have been respectful friends ever since.

This week Len Kasper surprised Boyer when he mentioned that he wanted to become the play-by-play announcer of the White Sox, through a phone call.

Details About Len Kasper’s Switch From Cubs To White Sox

Later, Boyer talked about how he felt after hearing his friend’s wishes, on a Zoom Call on Friday. He said that was of the thought that Kasper was actually recommending somebody else for the post of the White Sox play-by-play announcer. Boyer went on to say that he got shocked when he realized that Kasper was actually talking about himself. He was left stunned after knowing that to work on that post was Kasper’s dream.

Kasper was also a participant in the same Zoom call. He said that one has to express one’s interest when you can. If you do not do so, then you will have to keep waiting until the right time comes, which might take forever.

The wait that Kasper was addressing finally got over this week. His contract was made official through an announcement on Friday. He got signed as a fellow partner of Darrin Jackson in the radio booth of White Sox. Together they will be working for the new flagship station of the White Sox, ESPN 1000.

This will be the 13th season of Darrin Jackson as a radio analyst and the 22nd season as a broadcaster of the White Sox.

This Friday Len Kasper expressed his excitement about his new recruitment, over the ESPN 1000.