Mac lovers, the brand new iPhone SE is on its way for a launch this year. And Apple just has captured the best way to grab your attention. 

The most satisfying part of a new iPhone is the part where you unpack your new love and peel off the protective film. Apple has taken that up in its new advertisement. 

The ad is yet to be uploaded on its official YouTube channel. But just a head’s up regarding the ad before you actually go and check it out. It shows the slow peeling off the top screen film. Guess Apple understood where the fun lies. 

To get to some its key features, it somewhat resembles iPhone8 in design and display screen (both has a 4.7-inch display) and the touch ID/ home button.

But other features include its own A13 Bionic Processor, 12 MP back and 7 MP selfies camera with portrait mode support. Available in the colors Black, Red or White, it also has a wireless charging facility with 64GB internal storage. Lastly, priced at $399, we’re surely looking forward to this new iPhone.