Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert

On his late show on Wednesday night, the visibly furious Stephen Colbert ripped into the Republican leaders responsible for the civil unrest. One day after shocking images of the Capitol getting stormed by President Trump’s supporters, the hosts of late-night shows struggled to laugh.

Jimmy Fallon on his Tonight Show termed Wednesday as “disappointing” and “a disgrace” but not so surprising. Fallon said that if his grandfather was still alive and witnessed what has happened on Wednesday inside the country his grandfather fought and struggled for, he would be utterly disgusted. People walking with flags think that they are so patriotic? Wednesday was not an act of patriotism, it was an act of terrorism.

Stephen Colbert Ripped Into Republican Leaders Responsible For Wednesday

On Wednesday night, Stephen Colbert ripped into the Republican leaders like John Kennedy, Ron Johnson, Kelly Loeffler, Marsha Blackburn, and Josh Hawley who let this incident take place by coddling Trump’s fascist rhetoric for five years. Stephen Colbert said that this is the least surprising, most tragic, and most shocking thing that he has ever seen in his life. He called Wednesday one of the most horrifying days in the history of their country, the US democracy, and will remain there for a much longer time.

By breaking down the specific moments of the attack by the mob, Stephen Colbert asked lawmakers if America is still a great country. Colbert talked about the man hoisting a flag of the Confederates inside the building of the US Capitol and the moment where a white person wearing a t-shirt of Q-Anon started chasing a Black security officer of the Capitol up the stairs. He further stated that for years people are advising the cowards of not letting the president keep the people misinformed and not join in his lie otherwise the price will be too high to pay.