Larry Strickland

Larry Strickland, Naomi Judd’s husband, was scared of his late wife flying alone since he knew she was in a “fragile” state.

Naomi went home to Nashville from Vienna, Austria for the Country Music Hall of Fame celebration, and Strickland, 76, commented that her solo flight was unusual. The country singer returned home one day after her death, just in time for her induction.

The North Carolina resident said Judd arrived in Tennessee “without a hitch,” and he shared a message from a stranger he met on the journey. He was fearful of her traversing unaided from Vienna to Nashville because he knew how vulnerable she was,” he recalled. 

Larry Strickland Knew Judd Was Very Fragile

Larry Strickland went on to say that he had received a heartfelt letter from a passenger who had left an effect on Naomi. Strickland, who was overcome with emotion as he read the letter, said it brought him “wonderful, tremendous joy and comfort.” Ashley and Wynonna Judd, the songwriter’s daughters, also attended the Ryman Auditorium event to pay tribute to their late mother.

“Perhaps this is why everybody thought they knew her,” Wynonna, 57, said on Sunday, referring to her mother as an “everywoman.”

The country singer also said that she will continue the 11-city national tour she had planned with Naomi. “I’m going to have to perform this tour to honor her.” “I’m going to have to,” Wynonna said. “The performance must continue.” Ashley, 54, previously said that she was the one who discovered Naomi after she died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. While she and her family were “uncomfortable” discussing Naomi’s death, they wished to shed awareness on mental health challenges. Ashley and Wynonna issued a joint statement last month announcing their mother’s death.