LaMelo Ball
LaMelo Ball

The NBA saw the debut of one of the most hyped players this week, LaMelo Ball. The debut, however, did not turn out to be a great one. The game that he was a part of, was held between Charlotte Hornets and Cleveland Cavaliers. It was held in the season opener of Wednesday. The score was 121-144.

In the game, the playing time of LaMelo Ball was limited. What also turned out to be limited was his contribution to the game. He saw many failures within a span of 16 minutes. It included a rebound, a total of three turnovers, and nil points. He attempted for the field goal, five times. He missed it all. This is not the kind of performance the fans of Charlotte Hornets were rooting for. Especially when the player in question is in the third position of the draft.

Why Is LaMelo Ball So Popular?

There are only four players in the history of the NBA to score nothing in the debut. Those are among the top three players of the NBA draft. The other three players are Otto Porter Jr., Greg Oden, and Hasheem Thabeet.

The reason for LaMelo’s popularity is his surname. His being a Ball is the reason for the spotlight on him. Though LaMelo was selected in the following month, he has more popularity than the ones selected before him. Those are James Wiseman and Anthony Edwards belonging to the draft from the month of November.

LaMelo Ball also has a physical advantage when it comes to playing basketball. He has the skills of an elite playmaker and the handles that are of a high level. However, he has some notable flaws. His jump shot is like that of his brother, Lonzo. They both need to work on it. LaMelo has been rated as an average athlete of the NBA by The Scouts.