The talks of extending the contract are going on currently between the Los Angeles Lakers and Dennis Schroder. According to the sources, the discussions are said to be continued with the player somewhere in mid-February.

Earlier, an offer made by the Lakers had been turned down by Dennis Schroder. This incident took place prior to the season. The reason why the player turned down the offer was that he wanted to extend his contract more two more years. It was also because of 33.4 million USD. According to the sources, the given amount is the maximum limit the Lakers could offer to Schroder before the 16 of February.

Lakers’ Offer To Schroder

The player has now entered the final year of his contract. The contract in question amounted to 15.5 million USD. Schroder now has the right to make an extension of his contract, both year wise and money-wise. The maximum amount he can place is 83 million USD. And the maximum number of years he is allowed to claim for a contract extension is four years.

Schroder made a grand debut on the Tuesday match. It was the Lakers against the LA Clippers. He offered the dimension of the point guard. This is something that has not been possessed by the franchise for many years. The 27-year-old player almost reached a triple-double, meaning 8 rebounds, 12 assists, and 14 points.

The Lakers took in Schroder in the multiteam trade. It was with the team, Oklahoma City Thunder. As the 2021-22 season kicks off, the Lakers can make the offer of 18.6 million USD as the starting salary. This fact creates a very positive opportunity for the team to take in Schroder. The amount can make both the player and Alex Saratsis, his agent, to land somewhere. And this could lead the extension to take place.