There is nothing more to be said about it, rather than the fact that the Los Angeles Lakers let themselves go before the Brooklyn Nets. True, they didn’t outright surrender to the Nets in the absence of Anthony Davis, they also couldn’t let the Nets without Kevin Durant surrender before them. 

Lakers Lost, But Lebron James Almost Won Them The Game

As it stood, the Lakers were able to outscore the Nets in the paint at 54-32, but their three-pointers weren’t as successful. They only managed to score 26% of their points from three-pointers, whereas the Nets were able to bring out 46% of their scores from three-pointers. In the end, the team from New York won 109-98. 

Lebron James was in his element though. The big man from the Lakers managed to score 32 points along with 7 assists at the STAPLES Centre which took his official scoring points to 35,000.

Currently, James sits at third place with Karl Monroe, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the official scoring list maintained by the NBA. To add icing to the cake, the points came in after it was declared that Lebron James would be the captain of the All-Star Game for the fourth time in a row. Although the big man scored almost a point per minute played, the rest of the team were not up to the mark. After the match, Frank Vogel ended up lamenting that the other players needed to step up their game too. They couldn’t always rely on Lebron to take them out of clutch situations. 

Well, except one single player. Kyle Kuzma has risen to the main occasion after Anthony Davis has been out of commission. He scored around 16 points with 10 rebounds- and none of them were simply accidental shots. For the average Lakers fan, Kyle Kuzma has been a revelation. He has been securing his position game after game, especially with every single play that he has been a part of.