Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe has been quite a success for the Colorado Avalanche, as they kept putting in goals against the Vegas Golden Knights in an NHL game on Saturday. With the NHL shifting the game to Lake Tahoe, most were curious about how it would pan out- it turned out great. With Nathan McKinnon pulling up the puck inside the blue line of his club and then going to the other side to put in a goal through Marc-Andre Fleury. 

Lake Tahoe’s Game Had More Breaks Than An Average NHL Game

This was simply a message to all that things were back to normal. But let’s be honest, this is the most anyone should expect, with the situation far beyond anyone’s jurisdiction. To put things in perspective, the game was played on the 18th hole of the Edgewood Tahoe Resort at Lake Tahoe.

Nonetheless, the 3-2 win for Colorado Avalanche definitely made the afternoon much sweeter. Interestingly, almost ten hours had passed when Avalanche pulled out a win over the Knights. The first period had simply been turned into a Mite Game, as both officials and players kept tumbling due to the ice. 

After the first period, the bell sounded for the game to be postponed for around an hour- so that they could start at 2 pm. But then Gary Bettman made a surprise announcement that the Lake Tahoe game wouldn’t start until 9 pm. At that point, Colorado was leading 1-0. 

The reason- the sun was ruining the ice. Although there was cloud cover over most of Lake Tahoe, there were some areas that didn’t have the cover. 

We get it- the situation was far from optimum. Lake Tahoe isn’t the place to host an NHL game. But given the circumstance, the ice crew did the best they could out of the situation they were in.