Kyle Kuzma
Kyle Kuzma

Kyle Kuzma’s contract with the Los Angeles Lakers got extended by three years. This took place on Sunday. The amount of the contract was 40 million USD. This is not the biggest Lakers contract that Kyle Kuzma had witnessed. He has been a witness to other, more grand contracts, and that too related to the not-so-good players. Those were the ones who did not have many contributions in the winnings of last season.

However, Kuzma has a different way of thinking about this situation. He is not concerned about the monetary benefits at present. What matters to him more is the need to be in a good situation. He holds the opinion that at this point in his professional career, there can be no better option than the Lakers.  In his statement, he mentioned that he will be having opportunities in the future. He was too young for that. He also stressed the importance of a situation concerning his career.

Frank Vogel On Kyle Kuzma

All statements are supported by Frank Vogel, the head coach of the Lakers. He gave numerous compliments to the Kuzma following the practice that was held on This Monday. Vogel expressed his excitement over Kuzma’s contract extension. The head coach also mentioned that the player is one of the biggest hard workers of the team. He said that Kuzma was a player who always prefers the team-play and does not hesitate in making sacrifices for the team. Vogel concluded by saying that the player was the perfect fit for the Lakers.

Kyle Kuzma is unaware of his role in the team this year. This is because of the change in the roster that took place in the off-season. However, he is expecting to grow alongside his team players, Anthony Davis and LeBron James for the coming two seasons.