Kodak Black
Kodak Black

Kodak Back is shining all over the internet, quite literally. The current look, or the “post-prison look” that he has chosen for himself, is really bright and shiny. He used diamonds as props for styling himself. From grills made of diamond to rings, wrist and neck accessories of the same crystal, the American rapper looks very pricey.

The one thing that can be said about Kodak Black is that he is all set to enjoy his freedom in the best, most expensive, manner. it has not been long that he got free from prison. The “No Flockin” rapper is one of the 142 convicts who got pardoned by the former president of the United States of America, Donald Trump. Trump granted pardon during the last few days of being in power.

Kodak Black Still Under Prosecution

The rapper had been subjected to the sentence of prison for a total of 46 months. He was caught guilty of making a statement on one of the Federal documents, that was untrue. Kodak Black served nearly almost 50% of his sentence. The statement that was made to debate on his pardon, mentioned his contributions towards society. It said that the rapper provided various resources of education to the families of those officers who died in service.

Not only them, but he also provided the same to the underprivileged ones. Kodak Black also made a donation of 50k USD to the Barstool Fund of Dave Portnoy. The fund provides financial support to those businesses that are suffering following the coronavirus pandemic.

However, this is not it for Kodak Black. The rapper is still going through prosecution in South Carolina. He is under the accusation of raping a woman of 18-years-old. According to the accusation, it happened inside a room of a hotel. The case dates back to the concert of February=y in the year 2016.