Charles Koch backed network says that they are ready to spend millions of dollars to advocate for a better healthcare system. 

This multi-million dollar campaign organized by AFP (Americans for Prosperity) pledged persistent lobbying for telehealth to improve the nation’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The outbreak has traumatized the nation and has exposed many lags in the medical system. AFP seeks to improve flexibility among healthcare workers and patients, remove licensing restrictions faced by many doctors, increase Telehealth access. It also plans to make permanent changes at the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to allow indiscriminate rapid testing to contain the outbreak. 

A recent poll commissioned by AFP shows that almost 83% of fellow Americans believe that the health care system needs to provide more flexibility for the first responders. 

AFP President Tim Phillips further said, “The current discussion on healthcare misses the point. Medicare for All and similar proposals only double down on failures of a system that ties the hands of patients and caregivers. They don’t fix the problems that this crisis has revealed.” 

Stand Together and other such Koch affiliated groups like AFP have been successful in raising $30 million for the pandemic relief fund. AFP’s target is not only temporary relief but to make these changes permanent so that the system is better prepared for the next crisis.