Kirk Cameron
Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron, the actor, protested the California stay-at-home order in a very Christmassy way. The stay-at-home order was given by the governor of California. An event of Christmas caroling was held by Cameron as a protest. It took place outside Thousand Oaks in California.

The caroling event was held on a Tuesday night. according to reports, most of the people who were present were seen to be without masks. The Oaks mall was crowded by almost 100 people to witness the activity of Kirk Cameron. Among his audience, there were people belonging to all the age-group.

Kirk Cameron And The Controversial Caroling

Cameron took to the social media platform Instagram to showcase the event. A video of him caroling was shared. His video also revealed a large crowd who did not maintain any social distance. They stood close to each other singing a carol.

The Oaks mall stated that they did not support the crowded event. They made it known that they had told them to look for some other place. However, it was still held at the Oaks who termed the activity as irresponsible.

The authorities of the Oaks mall took to Facebook to give their statement following the irresponsible that they termed it to be. They explained that the protest was a peaceful one and there was nothing unconstitutional about it. However, given the coronavirus pandemic, it still stood to be inappropriate to carry out such activity. They also mentioned that they had already contacted the office of the Sheriff. They shared this on Tuesday.

The 50-year-old Kirk Cameron made a brief confirmation on his side of the story following the event. He clarified that the audience was not asked by him to drop their masks.