Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous personalities in the whole of America. She has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. Kim is going through one of the toughest phases in her life.

The model’s estranged relationship with her ex-husband has impacted her social and professional life significantly. Kim has recently addressed the controversy about Kanye West being banned from the internet.

West was being heavily criticized by the host of the “Daily Show”, Trevor Noah. He extended his support towards Kim. Trevor referred to Kim’s present situation as traumatic. He said that one can only imagine what the model is going through at the moment.

All these comments angered the rapper significantly. He replied to Trevor by posting a parody of one of his songs. Kanye replaced the lyrics with cuss words. The song contained racial slurs as well.

Instagram immediately took action and banned West temporarily from posting on the site. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Kim Kardashian Speaks On Kanye West Ban 

Kim Kardashian was approached by the media about her stance on Kanye West’s Instagram ban. Kim seemed happy about the fact and replied in a joking manner.

She stated that it was a huge relief that Kanye could not post anything for at least a day. The model said that she was tired from all the posts of West. 

Kanye West posted abusive content against Pete Davidson. He released a video where the rapper was seen killing Pete. All these developments concerned Kim significantly.

Thus, the ban was a welcome break for Kim Kardashian from all the posting. Kardashian stated that the suspension was very much justified.

However, she did not want to be overly dramatic and create a big scene about the incident.