Kim Jong Un apologizes over fatal shooting of South Korean official

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It is uncommon for North Korea to confess misdeed or reveal regret towards South Korea, its archrival with which it stays technically at war.

A day previously, South Korea condemned the North for its treatment of the fisheries official, who vanished from a patrol boat near the contested maritime frontier previously today in what authorities referred to as an unfortunate effort to flaw. The 47-year-old was eliminated by North Korean soldiers and his body burned, the Defense Ministry stated, an act that Seoul identified an “atrocity.”

It was unclear how the male, who had actually been using a life vest and was clutching a drifting things, wound up in North Korean waters, Seoul’s defense authorities stated. His associates discovered just his shoes left on the boat.

South Korean authorities stated North Korean military workers might have shot the male since of stringent orders to avoid the spread of the unique coronavirus.

The letter– sent out from Pyongyang’s United Front Department, which manages relations with the South– stated North Korean military workers fired 10 chance ats the male after he did not react to their orders and tried to run away.

The soldiers then approached the scene, where they discovered the male’s body and the drifting things some range away, the letter stated. It included that the soldiers burned the flotation help as a preventative measure versus the coronavirus.

The killing of the South Korean resident dealt a blow to Moon’s push to enhance ties with theNorth But Pyongyang’s fast expression of regret appeared to leave space to apologize.

“Kim Jong Un’s supposed apology reduces the risk of escalation between the two Koreas and keeps the Moon government’s hopes for engagement alive,” stated Leif-Eric Easley, a teacher of worldwide research studies at Ewha Womans University inSeoul “Kim’s diplomatic move avoids a potential fight in the short term and preserves the option of reaping longer-term benefits from Seoul.”

South Korean nationwide security consultant Suh Hoon, who divulged the contents of the letter to press reporters, stated Pyongyang sent out the note in reaction to Seoul’s need for a description.

Suh likewise stated the leaders of the 2 Koreas just recently exchanged letters about cross-border relations and options for the coronavirus crisis.

In a letter datedSept 12 that Suh exposed to press reporters on Friday, Kim revealed his “sincere intent to share the hardships and sufferings South Korea is experiencing” and “earnest wishes for the health and welfare” of South Koreans.

Coupled with Pyongyang’s apology for the shooting, Seoul’s release of the North Korean letter revealing compassions over the coronavirus recommended that neither side wanted to run the risk of a prolonged rupture in relations as an outcome of the official’s killing.

Suh stated the governmental workplace chose to belatedly share the contents of the earlier letter in the middle of increased interest in exchanges in between the 2 leaders following North Korea’s message Friday.

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