Killing Eve

Killing Eve never was meant to be one of those ten-season programs. There is a loud fan base that wishes it had ended after that first, near-perfect run. But here we are, four seasons later, and the program is finally drawing to a close.

The last episode of Killing Eve finished with less of a bang and more of a splash on Sunday evening, after four seasons, one will-they-won’t-they love story, and a seemingly unending corpse count.

Jodie Comer’s mysterious Russian murderer Villanelle met a drowning death after ultimately toppling the Twelve, a group of lethal worldwide assassins of whom she was a part.

Killing Eve Fans Are Angry And Disappointed

With her body plunging into the Thames only seconds after it appeared she was poised for a life of joyous freedom with former MI5 spy Eve Polastri, played by American star Sandra Oh, the weirdly lovable heroine is shot dead by a lurking shooter. However, many people were disappointed after spending the previous four years watching their faltering, unrequited love story grow – only to have bliss ripped away at the final time.

Others attacked series four major writers Laura Neal for her apparent bad portrayal of LGBTQ+ characters, while others rejected the two-part conclusion as unsatisfying on social media. 

From a pure fan standpoint, it’s reasonable to say that later seasons weren’t as well accepted as the first two of Killing Eve. There’s a strong sense that now is the perfect moment to wrap up Villaneve‘s tale. When the announcement was announced, several supporters exhaled a sigh of relief precisely for that reason.

Regardless of how you feel about the show’s quality in its last years, Eve and Villanelle’s tale will come to a natural conclusion. After all, you can only tease their connection so many times before it becomes more definite, and this is true whether they end up together or split for good.