Khloé Kardashian Has Started Potty Training True Thompson – & Has A Genius Secret Weapon!

True Thompson has started potty training!

Not only do we know about the big milestone because of proud momma Khloé Kardashian — we also know a number of the first-time mother’s secrets! The KUWTK star took to Instagram Live this week to reveal how she’s succeeding in her first time out of the gate potty training a toddler. And it’s all because of a secret weapon: Anna Kendrick.

LOLz, while speaking about her partnership with Pampers Easy-Ups training underwear, she gushed:

“Not only are they comfortable, not only do they have 12-hour protection, but also, Poppy! Poppy is on the Pampers!”

Queen Poppy is Anna’s character from the Trolls movies — and True’s absolute fave!

Khloé continues:

“And you have no idea how much that helps me with getting her… more excited for that.”

The other key attribute of working out underwear, per the Good American founder, is that they feel “like real underwear” — making the 2-year-old feel just like she’s gaining “big-girl underwear.” Just like all her aunts on Instagram! LOLz!

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Of course momma has significantly more than secret weapons, she has a method, too: an incentive system!

“I don’t believe in bribing, but there’s a difference between bribing and rewards. True gets rewards. Whatever your incentive is, that has to be only for potty time, it can’t be throughout the day, or else that’s going to confuse them. You have to give them a reason to want to go on the potty.”

True’s rewards for using the potty include stickers and TELEVISION time, presumably to watch Trolls World Tour for the 19th time. LOLz! Khloé went in to even more detail, saying she puts her daughter, whom she shares with ex (???) Tristan Thompson, on the toilet once an hour for five minutes at any given time to get her used to it.

“It’s about consistency! I think potty training is all about consistency for me in this household, but I’m a very consistent type of girl.”

OK, so that’s mommy’s plan — but how’s it going? So far, True is “really good at keeping her Pampers dry” — but nobody’s perfect when it comes to learning. Khloé reminded her audience:

“Everyone has accidents, everyone, I don’t know, just learns at their own pace.”

The 35-year-old says she isn’t a “mind reader” nevertheless when it involves her daughter having to potty, she has gotten used to reading the signs — like standing in the corner by herself or doing a pee dance.

“Sometimes she doesn’t but lately she’s been really good about telling me.”

It sounds like Khloé is really taking to motherhood. But we mean, think about it, you just KNEW she’d be considered a great mom, right? Wishing her continued luck on her “potty training adventure,” as she calls it!

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