keystone xl pipeline
keystone xl pipeline

Keystone XL Pipeline, which has been raising controversy for a long time, is estimated to join an existing pipeline and fetch oil from Alberta, Canada, to Nebraska. On his first day at the office, US president Joe Biden will cancel the Keystone XL pipeline project. Ex-president Barack Obama shunned a bill regarding the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline in 2015. 

It was initialized during the presidency of Donald Trump. The pipeline is projected to carry nearly 830,000 barrels of oil through 1200 miles from Alberta to Nebraska.

Environmentalists’ Views On Keystone XL Pipeline

Environmentalists have been fighting against the Keystone Pipeline for more than ten years. According to several such groups, this project is going to harm the environment to a great extent. One of these groups, Greenpeace, has suggested that compared to conventional oil, per barrel of this one will emit 30% higher greenhouse gasses. The Keystone XL Pipeline is going to carry oil from Alberta, where the oil is a mixture of water, sand, clay, and bitumen. It is much more expensive and energy-consuming. The Canadian government has rejected this claim of environmentalists.

According to the Canadian and US media, Joe Biden has planned to sign an order to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline project. He will do this on his first day in the office— 20th January. He is also going to consult the Paris Climate Agreement regarding this project. Alberta’s leader, Premier Jason Kenney, has expressed his concerns over Biden’s decision and suggested that he will take legal action about the matter.

The controversial Keystone Pipeline is again making headlines as President Joe Biden will take another bold move, discarding Donald Trump’s approval on the project. Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States.