Kevin Spacey
Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey has not reappeared in Hollywood since the year 2017. It was due to the accusations of sexual misconduct made against him. However, he has been making an appearance on his channel over YouTube for the past three years. The Oscar winner makes videos on it on the eve of Christmas.

The latest video that Kevin Spacey shared was on Thursday. The title of the video was 1-800 XMAS. The video is dedicated to one of the vulnerable sections of society. The actor is seen extending his support to the ones who are currently dealing with suicidal thoughts.

Kevin Spacey Spreads Positivity

Spacey has dedicated a few lines of positivity in support of those people. He said that no matter how worse the situation might get in life, there is always a way to overcome it. He also mentioned that even if there might be a feeling of loneliness, there will always be someone who is willing to understand the situation. He concluded by saying that they were not alone.

This new positivity video shared by Kevin Spacey is unlike any of his other videos. The Christmas videos he has shared before are a lot different from this one. Spacey has taken his own character of the antagonist, Frank Underwood, in his previous videos. The character is from the House of Cards series. Frank Underwood is a politician who has a Southern drawl accent. The recent video shows his own natural voice with an earnest tone.

The 61-year-old actor is among the ones with an ended career as a result of the allegations of sexual misconduct. There are other men for the high-profile community from the entertainment industry who have faced a similar fate. All of this came from the famous #Metoo movement where women spoke out about their experiences of sexual misconduct. Following the allegations, the actor got from form the series, House of Cards. Since then, there have no projects for him.