Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant

Not long ago, Kevin Durant, one of the most celebrated basketball sensations from the Brooklyn Nets, got involved in the Coronavirus protocols issue. Due to the protocols of contact tracing, the basketball player was not allowed to stay for some parts of the game. He got dragged out both in the third quarter and the pregame.

According to sources, the fans will not be seeing Kevin Durant for a while. It is said that the player will supposedly be absent for numerous games. He will be made to miss the games twice in the month of February. sources also revealed that the Brooklyn Nets star will not be traveling to Philadelphia for the game that is scheduled on Saturday.

Kevin Durant In Isolation?

The star player got himself in contact with someone he knew, who was a patient of coronavirus. The test results of that person had come out on the night of Friday. the test came out a few hours making a return for a test which was an inconclusive one. that happened not very long, prior to the game of the Nets. In that game, the team lost to the Toronto Raptors. The score was 123-117.

Whatever happened, following the case, was very dramatic. Kevin Durant was told by an official from his team to give up his seat and remain in isolation. This caused the star player to walk tiringly as he left the place. Later, when the game was in its last minutes, the player took to the social media platform, Twitter, to express his sorrow. He posted a tweet that read, “Free Me”.

The Brooklyn Nets are scheduled to play a few road games this month. There are high chances of Kevin Durant not participating in those games.