Katherine Heigl
Katherine Heigl

“The Secret” is responsible for changing the life of Katherine Heigl, one of the most beloved acting sensations. The reason for this is related to the fact that she was not in the movie that she was supposed to be.

Katherine Heigl spoke on the whole idea behind The Secret. She said that she felt something while she read the script. This took place about seven years ago. She said that she could totally connect to the idea behind the script. According to Katherine Heigl, the most fascinating lesson preached by the script was the fact that everything that is brought in one’s life starts with a thought.

Katherine Heigl On Being Judged

The actor gave an interview over video as she sat in her cozy room. She did not seem to dodge away any questions that seemed to be related to some unfortunate events in her life. In fact, it was Katherine Heigl herself, who brought up some topics that were unhealthy for her career in showbiz.

As the interview proceeded, the actor spoke about one of the famous movies she had starred in, Knocked Up. She even went on to say that the movie was not entirely a non-sexist one. Then came the topic of Grey’s Anatomy where she had played the role of Isobel Katherine Stevens. Katherine Heigl had involved herself in some tumultuous drama during that time involving her working hours and her Emmy nominations.

All these led people to call her a difficult woman. She said that she was always the one to apologize for everything she did, however, it was never enough. The actor stated that it was a terrible phase for her. James Marsden, the co-actor of Katherine Heigl from the movie, 27 dresses, spoke on the strong personality of the actress. He said that every time she feels like she has been wronged by someone, she does not hesitate to be vocal about it.

Heigl concluded the interview by asserting that she is an ambitious person, unapologetically. She added that being ambitious does not make her any less of a woman.