The pandemic has really helped bring people from all classes, and sectors together. With social media enabling social distancing, people don’t feel separated from normal life. Just like the students of Casterton Primary Academy who asked the Duchess of Cambridge who her favorite celebrity was. While most of us would be thinking of cinema artists or singers, Kate Middleton’s favorite celebrity is Sir David Attenborough, the famous naturalist from Great Britain. And honestly, that shouldn’t come as a surprise to many, for Sir Attenborough has been a friend of the royal family for quite some time now. 

This video call between the students and the royal family was initiated by the Pendle Trust, which oversees the Casterton Primary Academy.

“The kids … asked (the duchess and her husband, Prince William) what the best famous person was that they had met ― something I bet they don’t get asked very often!”- Anita Ghidotti, the Chief Executive of the trust told Mirror. 

Sir Attenborough has always been a family friend of the royal family. With their children growing up watching Attenborough’s documentaries, to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge being a part of the celebrations to name Britain’s new polar research ship last year- incidentally which was named RRS Sir David Attenborough, the family has maintained touch with the old naturalist.