Kanye West ‘Is Serious’ About Running For President, Insiders Claim…

Kanye West‘s presidential hopes are for real. At least, that’s what those closest to the rapper believe after really taking a hard look at his life and career goals within the last few years.

As you’ll recall, the 43-year-old rapper took to Twitter over the Fourth of July holiday week-end to “officially” announce his campaign for President of the United States. But while we (and every one else) panned it at that time, insiders are quick to express that Yeezy is actually intent on this one. Ooooookay…

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According to ET, a source close to Yeezy is dead-set on setting it up across that the campaign announcement wasn’t a joke, saying:

“Kanye is telling people close to him that his announcement of running for president is serious. [He] has been toying with the idea for some time and has been getting more and much more into politics.”

Uh-huh. And while which may be true — the fashion mogul has undoubtedly become more political (and religious) in his public speaking and commentary through the years — it still takes a lot to run for the greatest office in the land.

Whatever did you do in a previous life to deserve this, Kim? LOLz! / (c) Joseph Marzullo/WENN

Still, he’s got the support of his friends and family, including wife Kim Kardashian West, and it’s apparent there are even some of those in his circle who believe he may be an underrated choice to be this country’s Commander in Chief:

“[Family and friends] fully support his dream to run for president, and so they feel he’s got more to supply than what folks think. Kanye has talked to several high-powered friends through the years about his idea and it has gotten their support in today’s world.”

Well then…

Look, it’s cute to imagine Yeezy running for President, specially against Donald Trump in what surely will be a Celebrity Deathmatch from hell over who does battle Joe Biden. And it’d be so perfectly 2020 to own him throw his hat into the ring. Like, honestly, why not? What else can go wrong this season?

But reality must set in at some time, and when you truly look at the state-by-state guidelines merely to get on the ballot, you start to realize the uphill battle Kanye faces. For one, he’d have to run as an independent candidate, considering he missed both the Republican and Democrat primary seasons — not just a great start. It’s also not even clear if Yeezy has filed his paperwork with the Federal Election Commission declaring himself as an applicant! No paperwork, no ballot!

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And even if that he does all that, according to Ballotpedia, he’s already missed registration deadlines to appear on the ballot in Indiana, Maine, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Texas for the upcoming November election. Sure, he is able to still register in other states, but each has its own specific rules to obtain on the ballot. And good luck wanting to do such a thing of consequence in nation-wide politics without playing big in states like Indiana, North Carolina, and Texas. Get real, Kanye!!!

What do U think, Perezcious readers? Are you as skeptical concerning this whole thing as we are? We don’t mean to be rude to the person who could one day become our next President but, like, Yeezy… dude… seriously. You should’ve done all this months ago! Otherwise, you’re just wasting everybody’s time with a stupid publicity stunt, and we’ve had enough of the with the existing resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!!!

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